What’s In A Name? Nintendo Seems To Be Sticking With Calling Its Next-Gen System Wii U

Nintendo unveiled the tablet-centric Wii U at last year’s E3. At the time the company was clear that it was a working name. A report earlier this year stated that Nintendo was exploring other options. E3 kicks off next week and it seems increasingly likely that Nintendo is sticking with strange name.

First off, Nintendo just launched a Wii U Facebook campaign complete with an intro video with Reggie Fils-Aime welcoming guests to the Wii U page. Second, and perhaps more importantly, the Wii U logo is now on Nintendo’s press site.

The Wii U name is a tad strange, but in retrospect, so is Wii. The next-gen system itself is still a bit of a mystery. Nintendo announced the system at last year’s E3 and even had highly scripted demos available for playing. It was the best thing at the show last year. But Nintendo no doubt hit the fast-forward button on the system’s evolutionary growth cycle; expect the Wii U shown at this year’s E3 to be a mature device.

Even with a better name, and with that, a better brand, the Wii U will still have an uphill battle to fight. Microsoft and Sony are clearly racing to a future where a home entertainment system is defined by its media streaming capability more so than its games. Nintendo on the other hand seems to be building just a gaming system. With E3 kicking off next Monday Nintendo better bring the goods. They need a good showing to kick off the Wii U — or whatever it’s called.

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