Tired Of Straight Tech News? Check Out Techcrunch.com/Drama

We know that many of you visit TechCrunch on the regular for a hearty dose of startup coverage, general tech news and opinionated coverage of the tech zeitgeist.

But we also know that the trainwreck posting on our hirings and firings, Aol spats, tech gossip and quibbles between staff is what really gets your fingers clicking and blood boiling.

I mean, it’s like a car accident, you can’t help but stare.

So to cater to everyone who just visits here just for the drama, we’re today launching a drama-only new channel, TechCrunch.com/Drama, where you can find such conflict-infused fare as “I’m Leaving TechCrunch. Here’s Why” or “How The Hell Is It My Fault?” or “CrunchPad Federal Lawsuit Filed; Some Additional Thoughts.”

But it’s not just about navel-gazing and staff changes (though there’s plenty of that) certain actual news also qualifies as dramatic, simply by virtue of the spools and spools of comment threads it produces, e.g. the leaked Twitter documents.

There’s not really a way to define what constitutes a “dramatic” post, other than when it hits it causes an Internet explosion.

We’ve heard time and time again that you’ve missed TechCrunch’s “swagger,” and we agree; So the next time your eyes glaze over while reading the umpteenth re-written press release, click on the “Drama” link up there on the navigation bar and relive some our site’s most superfluous, gut wrenching and annoying coverage.

You know you love it.

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