Think Different: 5 Truly ‘Original’ Photo Blogs

A picture is worth a thousand words – that is what the old adage has always said. When you consider the emotive qualities of a well-taken photograph, the information that can be stored and the incredible ability our mind has to brand an image into our brains, it is clear that it is one saying that is true. Photographs have remained, and always will remain, a big part of how we document and share our lives.

Photo blogs have taken this principle to a whole new level. Sharing impressions, things through their day, interested pictures from around the web and more, they manage to put together a massive helping of information that would otherwise have been translated into words. It might seem like a strange endeavor to undertake, and sometimes it admittedly does fall flat.

But these five photo blogs are examples of how to do it right. They are interesting and truly original, and worth subscribing to.

1. Cute Overload

Do you ever have one of those days where everything is just a little horrible? You are in a bad mood, little things keep going wrong and you are just a little angry at the world? You wouldn’t be alone – we all feel like that sometimes. This is a photo blog that helps me through those days. Just the banner image alone is so cute you are sure to melt into a happy puddle of goo within seconds of viewing it. But every day they post even more adorable, fluffy and happy things to get you in a more cheerful state of mind. This is not a great blog to view at work, unless your coworkers don’t mind hearing you squealing and going “Awww” every couple of seconds.

2. Pictory Blog

Many photo blogs only post the pictures, sometimes with a single sentence or two in order to provide context, some without. Ultimately, this can be a good thing because it forces you to fully immerse yourself in the image itself. But Pictory goes the opposite direction and gives an equally gratifying experience by providing a story with each picture that tells you about it, or about the person behind the camera or in front of the lens. They only showcase what they consider the best, but you can submit your own work for consideration.

3. Shutter Sisters

According to their mission statement, Shutter Sisters is a blog dedicated to women in both the amateur and professional category who have a passion for photography. They feature their work, sometimes with a bit of a written paragraph or story. It is to celebrate female creativity and the remarkable moments they can capture in real life.

4. In Focus

There are a number of publications offering photo blogs now (for example, the Boston Globe is famous for theirs). But I have a certain tenderness for The Atlantic’s In Focus that I can’t quite explain. This collection of excellent photos, along with the open nature of the sharing process, gets me every time. Check them out for some of the most original and awe inspiring pictures from around the world.

5. PDN Photo of the Day

Photo District News puts up a daily offering of the best pictures from various sources. Sometimes they can be a little odd, usually within the same photo shoot from the same photographer. But they are always high quality and a joy to look at.


There is every reason to keep up with these blogs, but the main one is that they are original and have plenty of gorgeous pictures to enjoy. What are some of your own favorite photo blogs? Let us know in the comments.

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Think Different: 5 Truly ‘Original’ Photo Blogs

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