Steve Jobs Bio Now Available On The Kindle And In iBooks

As if this whole “Steve Jobs” biography thing couldn’t get more drawn out and dramatic, users — including Jeff Jarvis and Jason Kottke – are reporting early deliveries of Walter Isaacson’s highly anticipated book, oddly enough through pre-orders on the Amazon Kindle. This leaves Apple fans with quite a conundrum; Watch the “60 Minutes” Issaacon interview now or read his book first?

Before you get too Amazon trigger happy, I just tried to order one via Kindle and it has not yet shown up — so maybe it’s first come first served?

Update: My copy on the Kindle just arrived, 15 minutes after I ordered it. And, as is fitting, the book — including a free sample — is now available for the iPhone and iPad in iBooks, with zero wait.

The analog version of the 656 page book should be officially available in bookstores across the US tomorrow.

Image via/ Johnnie Manzari

Launch Date:
January 4, 1976

October 24, 1980, NASDAQ:AAPL

Started by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne, Apple has expanded from computers to consumer electronics over the last 30 years, officially changing their name from Apple Computer, Inc. to Apple, Inc. in January 2007.

Among the key offerings from Apple’s product line are: Pro line laptops (MacBook Pro) and desktops (Mac Pro), consumer line laptops (MacBook) and desktops (iMac), servers (Xserve), Apple TV, the Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server operating systems, the iPod (offered with…

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Steve Jobs
Pixar, NeXT, Apple

Steve Jobs was the co-founder and CEO of Apple and formerly Pixar.

Steve Jobs was born in San Francisco, California to Joanne Simpson and a Syrian father. Paul and Clara Jobs of Mountain View, California then adopted him. In 1972, Jobs graduated from Homestead High School in Cupertino, California and enrolled in Reed College in Portland, Oregon. One semester later, he had dropped out, later taking up the study of philosophy and foreign cultures.

Steve Jobs had a deep-seated interest in…

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