Just Look At My Beautiful, Working Pocket Cannon

If you’re like me, I’m sure you spend your evenings idly stroking the decommissioned artillery at the local WWII memorial, dreaming of the day you can ride a white-hot shell over the heads of your friends and family and land into a herd of cattle, leaving this world in a blaze of guts and glory. However, since that opportunity will probably never present itself, I’d like to introduce you to the Pocket Artillery, a CNCed lug of metal that, with the help of a BB and a little black powder, can shoot a hole in a soda can.

These $29 pocket rockets are currently available for pre-order and should ship before Christmas. They are hand-finished and come in multiple bright colors – your choice, of course. Obviously you’ll probably shoot your eye out with these things so the folks at Pocket Artillery want no truck with your frivolous lawsuits. The legalese is actually longer than the text on their web page.

For best results, do not use this in the glass-enclosed conference room at work.

Product Page

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