Just 24 Hrs Left To Enter The Le Web London Startup Competition

The Le Web conference in Paris is an annual Techcrunch favourite, so be aware that there is just 24 hrs left to register for the startup competition for the new Le Web London event coming up. Selected startups get a chance to be onstage and also get free expo space.

Here are some highlights from the programming that are emerging:

• Bradley Horowitz explains will speak on how he plans to make Google+ bigger than Facebook.

• Facebook will comment on its IPO and strategy, via European FB insider Christian Hernandez.

• With London being a world center of finance, a bunch of new financing models will be on showcase from Renaud Laplanche of Lending Club, Samir Desai, CEO and Co-Founder of Funding Circle, as well as Errol Damelin, founder of Wonga.

• The subject of Europe vs Silicon Valley will be once again a topic of debate with Uber (US) vs Hailo Cab (UK), both of which raised $20m+. They will be joined by their VC counterparts, including Shervin Pishevar, Managing Director, Menlo Ventures and Adam Valkin, Accel Partners.

• Meanwhile the Pebble Watch has raised $10m without VCs, which raises the question, do we need them any more? Pebble founder, Eric Migicovsky, who has never spoken at a conference, will explain how the day of the VC is over.

And here’s a full list of speakers so far:

With over 500 people going already it’s going to be pretty fun, as Loic and Geraldine Le Meur explain:

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