Infographics of the Week #20

As you may know by now, Inspired Magazine is a sucker for data visualization. That’s why we invited Tony Shin – a social media ninja and creative design samurai – to curate the weekly dose of infographics. If you like them as much as we do check out some of the older editions and follow Tony on Twitter and Facebook as well!

Hope all of you had a great holiday season! I’m back and here are few I’ve found over the past week that stood out!

1. 2011 Holiday Retail Winners & Losers

Since coming back from a holiday break, this infographic by Fast Upfront was quite appropriate. The graphic highlights all the retail winners and losers of this year’s holiday season. Though many families in the U.S. economy have continued facing financial hardships, this season – and strangely – has been one of the biggest spending seasons for consumers. It makes you think about why we’re in such a crisis, doesn’t it? But perhaps the hardships have softened spenders to spread as much cheer as they can, especially to those who truly need it. Take a look at your retail winners and losers of this season.

2. Graphic Design Careers Compared

I thought this graphic of the evolution of web design was also a timely infographic. We’ve come a long way since the dial-up days waiting for our enormous computers to take several minutes in order to get online. Carrington College designed this infographic that highlights the evolution of web design along with positions and the salaries that follow. The Internet is changing, so web designers, hop on. It’s your time to shine.

3. Apples to Apples

As I sit here plugging away on my beautiful 15 inch Macbook Pro (and yes, I love my Macbook), this infographic created by the MBA Online team highlights an interesting standpoint about the company vs. fruit comparison. Take a look at another interesting view point about how the tech giant stacks up against America’s favorite fruit. Interesting fact on the graphic: 30% of the Western United States consumes 30% of the entire country’s apples – the fruit. 1 out of 3 people in San Francisco own an Apple iPhone. Not shocking.

4. America’s Pet Frenzy

Personal note: I have a soft spot for dogs and especially puppies. Cats and kittens – not so much. So this infographic hit home for me. Jason over at Frugal Dad shows us through an amazing design piece about the frenzy America goes through to house these adorable animals. It’s shocking to see the amount of spending that goes into the care of dogs and cats. In no way am I advocating any family to get rid of a pet, but perhaps staying from Louis Vuitton collars and other unnecessary items for your pet could put a little cash in your pocket for the humans in the family. I still can not get over the design. Love it!

5. Everything You Need to Know About Facebook’s IPO

How could we end a post without talking about one of the highly anticipated rumors of the other tech giant – Facebook. The rumors are out there and it’s slightly overwhelming to think of Facebook potentially releasing an IPO, which – according to the rumors – could be the biggest IPO a tech company has ever hit. So Accounting Degree Online designed this infographic to highlight the IPO. This would trump LinkedIn, Groupon, and even Google. Unfortunately, all we can do is wait and see. In the mean time, check out this infographic for the details on Facebook’s IPO.

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Infographics of the Week #20

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