In Today’s Competitive VC Holiday Video Climate, Better Step Up Your Game Scale Venture

The video above came to me in a message from an entrepreneur, “FRC does an awesome holiday video — and this is what Scale Venture sends out …”

I thought perhaps he/she was being unfair, and then clicked on the link: Snowflakes! Mittens! “Wishing you a sparkling holiday season” in Arial! What is this, 1998?

Okay I get it, you were just trying to do something nice around the holidays (Bah humbug!) but seriously Scale (can I call you Scale?), it’s 2012. When you’ve got First Round Capital and Techstars and who knows who else producing holiday vids worthy of Hollywood, you can’t just throw down some clip art snowflakes and call it a day.

At least change the file name to something other than … My point is I’m expecting a lot more from you guys next year — CGI? A Ryan Gosling cameo? Sound? I don’t know, get creative.

Merry Christmas! (Or whatever else you celebrate, or don’t)

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