HTC Vigor Spotted In The Wild, Possibly Packing Verizon LTE

As far as Verizon devices are concerned, the Droid Bionic probably holds the crown for “Most Anticipated Handset,” but newly leaked shots of the HTC Vigor may steal a bit of that spotlight.

Rumored to be the newest addition to Verizon’s LTE line up, the Vigor sports a name that’s downright ancient in comparison: it was first spotted in a trademark application from 2009.

The Vigor made waves earlier this month when an ersatz version was spotted on a Dutch retailer’s website, but the real deal sports a less angular body that matches up nicely with HTC and Verizon’s design language. Specifically, with its funky textured back plate and red camera trim, the Vigor could easily pass for another entry in Verizon’s Incredible series.

The four capacitive buttons on the Vigor’s face mean it won’t be one of the first handsets to run Ice Cream Sandwich, but its rumored specs will dazzle many a phone geek regardless. Under the hood, the Vigor reportedly has a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor, 1 GB of RAM, 16 GB of internal flash storage and Beats by Dre audio. A 4.3 inch HD display graces the front, and if it were on, HTC’s Sense UI would be running the show.

Note that the Vigor is largely free of branding at this point, leaving the claims of its LTE compatibility and Beats audio processing in question. The device is likely in the test phases now, which could explain the overall lack of flourish, but here’s hoping the rumors hold true. Without the Galaxy S II on board, this may end up being one of Verizon’s heavy-hitters come the holidays.

[via Droid Life]

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