Google Adds +1 Button To Images

Google is adding its +1 button to images surfaced through Google search results, the company is announcing today via blog post. That means that when you’re doing searches in the Google Images vertical, you’ll now see a small “+1″ button appear when you hover over an individual image. This will share the recommendation with friends via Google+ and your Google Profile, just like the +1 button on traditional search results already does.

But this update adds something else, too: the ability to see which pictures your friends liked when you search Google Images. As the update rolls out, images on Google’s results pages will now display a gray bar featuring your friend’s name in white text to indicate the images your friend liked, or, in Google’s lingo, “plussed.”

The new feature will only work for those who have a Google profile set up and enabled. The image +1′s will appear in the same place as your other +1′s do within your Google profile, where you will be able to delete them, if you choose.

Whether you like it or not, Google+ is slowly merging into Google and vice versa, and this latest update is just another example of that change.

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