Get Inspired by These 5 Game Designs for the iPad

The iPhone changed the way we view mobile technology. It provided a feature-heavy device that fits into the palm of your hand, offering more than anything else had so far. When the iPad was announced there was a great deal of excitement. Tablets had not been a mass consumer product.

When it was released it became an instant hit – especially among those who were interested in it for gaming purposes. Connecting tablet technology and entertainment seamlessly, there have been some inspiring games for the iPad hitting the iTunes store, which is even more exciting since Apple Airplay has become a reality.

iPad vs. iPhone Game Playing

Of course, the games that you have for the iPad tend to be the same released for the iPhone, and for that matter other smartphones such as Android. But thanks to the screen size, high resolution and greater graphics capabilities, the experience is much different on the tablet.

This doesn’t just change the implications for the user, but also for the developer. Making an iPad game is a different animal than any other media app. There are different issues to consider during the development process.

Making an iPad Game

The first step is coming up with an idea for a great game. Apps have made it more possible than ever to make such ideas a real product, but you have to take some time to consider the difference between an iPad and iPhone game.

  • The increased screen size allowing for a wider view of the game play and background.
  • Better graphics capabilities allowing for more complex games.
  • Creating detail-heavy adaptations of past games.
  • More intuitive game controls thanks to the touch screen.
  • Multiplayer and Airplay.

Inspiring Games

1. Angry Birds

Probably the most popular app of all time, Angry Birds is an incredibly addictive game. You play a group of angry fowls who are setting out to gain revenge on the greedy, thieving pigs who stole their eggs. You can even buy an eagle in a one-time purchase with unlimited use that will swoop down and cause chaos as you move through the game. Using logic and problem-solving skills, once you start playing you can’t stop. The very concept and the depth of game play should inspire us all to find creative ways to present intricate game designs that really take advantage of the iPad’s touch screen.

2. Ticket to Ride

You probably already know this board game, which is one of the best-selling ever on the market. The app creates a gorgeous version that comes in single or multi player. Everything is fully animated and richly colored, with extensive maps and conductor’s notes to help you better play. They show how you can take an old game that is already beloved and revamp it to match a modern device without losing any of the charm of the original.

3. Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery

A classic fantasy game with a twist, this game is actually influenced by elements like moon phases. You can also collaborate with friends via Twitter while you move through a mystical landscape, doing battle and working out musical and logic puzzles. It is reminiscent of the classic NES games that you might remember from childhood, showing that old-fashioned concepts can inspire great games today.

4. Grand Theft Auto 3

Say what you like about Grand Theft Auto, but the games changed the way we view open world gaming. That same technology has now been brought to the iPad with a mobile version that has an impressive take on the third in the series. The game play has been optimized to better work on a touch screen and the storyline of Liberty City has been left intact. With the better graphics capabilities of the iPad, we can now aspire to better and more complex games on the tablet.

5. Orbit 1

One iPad, one button, four players. This is a fun and competitive iPad game that works by giving one corner of the screen to up to four players. You control your spacecraft with just a single button, which helps you fly, move and stop. You avoid enemies while collecting points through green figures around the screen. If this can’t inspire you to get creative with the size of the iPad’s screen, nothing will.


As you can see, there are some great games that can help inspire your own idea on how to make an iPad game. There are different considerations than with other devices, but also an increased screen size, touch sensitivity and graphics capabilities to help you make something truly innovative. Will your game be the next big hit?

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Get Inspired by These 5 Game Designs for the iPad

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