Failed Anti-Oatmeal Lawyer Says “Mission Accomplished”

In what appears to be a final burst of notoriety-seeking and odd behavior, Funnyjunk’s crack lawyer, Charles Carreon, told Ars that he had won because now he was “famous” and “notorious.”

“Mission accomplished,” he said, apparently without irony or self-awareness.

The Oatmeal’s lawyers at the EFF wrote:

“I think he [Carreon] recognized that the lawsuit was not going anywhere, we filed a brief that outlined in tremendous detail why he was on the wrong side of the law.”

It’s my undying hope that this doesn’t encourage others in the doldrums of their career to take on visible web presences in order to get a little Google juice. Clearly it’s worked – to a degree – as his website is high atop a list of news stories about case. Any sane web 3.0 entrepreneur looking to hire a lawyer in 2020 may be a bit put off by watching their representative bully a cartoonist.

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