Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors To Sponsor Hackathon In Downtown Palo Alto

In an effort to help support startups and technology house in Palo Alto, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt’s venture fund Innovation Endeavors is sponsoring its first hackathon in the city on March 31. The event, called the Super Happy Block Party Hackathon, will take place on March 31, from 1 pm to 1 am in downtown Palo Alto.

W’re told the City of Palo Alto will block off High Street between University and Hamilton. In addition, the day long event will feature food trucks, parking spaces dedicated to local startups, and a Hack the
Future tent to teach kids to code. The venture fund is also partnering with Talenthouse, and Institute for the Future.

The Super Happy Block Party Hackathon is designed a creative playing field for artists as well as hackers. There will be standing-height canvasses for artists to paint; pixelated tweeted murals and a mural of canvasses along the exterior of Talenthouse.

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