doubleTwist Now Has 1 Million Active Users — Every Day

doubleTwist, the slick media player for Android, is growing. A lot.

Last February we reported that the application had passed a major milestone, drawing one million users per month between its mobile and desktop applications.

Today, the company is sharing a much bigger number: they’re getting 1 million users per day between doubleTwist on Android phones and tablets.

Now, obviously this doesn’t mean the user base has increased by a factor of 30 (some people are going to use the app many times a month). But it’s a sign that the company is getting significant traction, and that its users keep coming back for more. This is a particularly big deal on mobile, where users are notorious for being fickle and giving up on an app after a day or two.

doubleTwist CEO Monique Farantzos says that the growth stems from the increased brand recognition the company has received since it began building for Android. The first version of their Android app was released in June 2010, and they’ve since introduced numerous upgrades, like the nifty AirSync, which lets you wireless sync your photos, music, and movies between your Android device and your computer, without having to deal with any wires (you don’t even have to initiate the sync — it automatically initiates when you connect to the same wireless network). Farantzos says that the company’s partnership with T-Mobile also provided an early boost.

Some other key stats: 84% of the app’s users come from English-speaking countries, and starting today the company is rolling out internationalized versions with support for Chinese, Korean, German, French, and other languages to help spur international growth.

And she also had some other big news to share: while doubleTwist has been focused exclusively on Android for some time, it’s going to begin expanding to other platforms. Intel, she says, has already licensed their wirelessly syncing technology AirSync for its MeeGo platform, and it sounds like the app may be coming to Windows Phone and possibly Web OS down the line (she didn’t confirm those, but pointed out that Android alternatives may see increased traction following the Motorola/Google deal).


doubleTwist’s mission is to organize and feed content to any device.

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