CreativeWorx Launches TimeTracker, A Hands-Free Time Tracking Software For Creatives

We’ve seen a growing need for time tracking enterprise software. 1DayLater has aimed to solve the problem in the UK, and Harvest has built up quite the user-base here in the States, but a new service built by former Adobe executives at CreativeWorx looks to streamline the process in a way that makes time-tracking almost entirely hands-free.

Whether you work at an agency as a creative, or do your own freelance work, TimeTracker has no start or stop button, and no tagging requirements. You simply do your work, and see your productivity in an easy-to-read table. The results page looks a bit like a Google Calendar, with various projects having certain colors assigned to them and showing as blocks of time in a weekly schedule. You can also drag and drop various projects to different places if for some reason you see a mistake.

The program integrates with various programs, including Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, & Illustrator; Microsoft Word & PowerPoint; Google Calendar, so that the user never has to press start or stop. The program simply knows what you’re working on and tracks it. The results interface is available across all devices, as it’s an HTML5 site.

Most importantly, founder Mark Hirsch has realized that the software will only be attractive to employees if it doesn’t feed real-time data back to their supervisors. Everyone should be allowed to spend at least a few minutes a day on Facebook. That said, users have the option to publish their week after rearranging the data and making sure it’s accurate, letting supervisors see it if desired.

The service is said to reclaim one hour of a week for each employee using it, and has today launched into public beta. Check out the <a href=”“>CreativeWorx website if you’re interested.

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