Case Study “New Technology meets old typeface design”

Web development technologies have gone a long way in the past decade, but can the designers keep up with them? Today we will look at a small web site which has announced a bold step into making unique eastern european typeface “Cīrulis”. This site pushes the status quo on simplicity of product presentation using popular parallax scrolling technique. Developers of the project have made a small case study exclusively for InspiredMag.

Essence of the project

Everything starts by a word and the word is driven by actions. This might literally be said about the project “Cīrulis” typface web presentation due to parallax scrolling technology.











The first step, of creating the site was to identify the main focus for this promotional tool. As we were curious to know if designers would like the new font we wanted to set up a newsletter subscription box. But as all nice products has great packaging ours could not be an exception. Therefor the next step was to make the site with a little bit of attitude. We used contrasting colors (black, white, orange) and divided the content in to windscreen blocks of information.

Our focus, was to make the content simple so the user would enjoy the inspiring ride of “cīrulis” presentation. Note: “The content of the site is very important. Make it worth reading and juicy. Remember each minute brings us closer to death so don’t waste it by useless text”

GetCirulis in action “Parallax scrolling”











Development continued, with the parallax scrolling technique implementation which is a key element for this site. As we made a small research about this technology we found out that you have to have a strong Javascript library which is expensive to build from a zero point, so we took a different approach. The solution was “Scrolldeck” which is an open source tool. The code is easy to understand so we would recommend this tool for your parallax page.

To Sum up this small case study, It is important to know when to use the parallax scrolling. Don’t over do it. Keep it simple. Keep it clean.


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Case Study “New Technology meets old typeface design”

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