Canadian Rock Band Wants To Cash In On Sale

Domain name marketplace Sedo this morning announced that Canadian rock band The Tea Party has decided to sell their domain name,, exclusively at

With the 2012 election season approaching, the band – which actually broke up years ago – probably figured selling the domain name just might be very lucrative.

Says Stuart Chatwood, bass player of The Tea Party, with dollar bills in his eyes:

“We were floored by the worldwide press and interest in our domain name that soon followed the initial story in Businessweek.

After being overwhelmed by the multiple offers that were arriving daily, we thought it was prudent to seek out the best brokerage to help represent the band, and Sedo was the clear choice.”

The BusinessWeek story he refers to is this one, entitled ‘ Could Make a Rock Band Rich’. From the article:

With so many Presidential candidates, political operatives, and interest groups vying to capitalize on the Tea Party brand, there could be a bidding war.

How much do you think it’ll sell for?

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