Bill Gates Speaking At University Of Washington – Watch The Stream Here (Update: It’s Over)

Update: The talk is over, but I’ll be posting some highlight quotes and commentary shortly, and the video will be available to watch tonight or tomorrow as well.

Bill Gates is set to give a talk today for an event at the University of Washington’s School of Computer Science and Engineering. It starts at 3:30, so in just about fifteen minutes. We’ve got the stream embedded here so you can watch it live.

The topic will be advances in computing, including natural user interfaces and pervasive computing that could change the way the bottom 1/3rd of the world’s population lives. For all the fanfare about the 99% here in the states, it’s humbling to remember that to much of the world, we are the 1% with adequate fresh water, free and comprehensive public schooling, working sewage and other basic utilities, and so on.

We were contacted by a representative for bgC3, Gates’ technology incubator, so it’s safe to assume that will be involved somehow. Perhaps it’s a recruiting mission. We haven’t heard much from the company since its quiet debut in 2008, but of course world-changing research doesn’t occur overnight, or even on the scale of a few years.

Enjoy the talk; we’ll write up highlights separately should Bill say anything of particular note.

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