5minutes.to Journey: Episode 1 – The Icon

As I already mentioned a few times, a while ago we embarked on a super exciting adventure here at Inspired Mag with the cool chaps from our sister social marketing studio.

What’s 5minutes.to

This is the journey of 5mintues.to so far: few months ago we identified an opportunity (help creative professionals craft a top notch, modern web presence optimized for revenue), gather the A Team (Joe Nyaggah, Matt Russell, and yours truly), started to brainstorm, applied and got selected by Springboard incubator in London, launched the beta page and we’re almost ready to rock and roll! 5minutes.to is going to be the all-in-one platform for creative professionals to showcase their work, take bookings, accept payments, and sell digital & physical items, all these in 5 minutes or less!

Icon first!

We got in touch with the icon design gods at Ramotion to help us with the icon for our future mobile web app. I call this “icon first”, as opposed to the “mobile first” or “desktop first” approaches. It may sound rather strange to start with the mobile app icon before having an actual product but in our case it was tremendously helpful as it gave us the extra boost we needed to build a massively cool product that would match the amazing icon.

Here’s what these guys did:

1. First, they studied the mechanism of a flip clock in order to nail down the perspective and shadows:

2. Then they come up with some proposals and texture suggestions:

3. Draw draw draw:

4. Render some stuff:

5. Add perspective:

6. Add some final touches:

7. And voila:

Very happy with the icon we got from the Ramotion gang and we’ll follow up soon with another post about the progress we’ve got so far.

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5minutes.to Journey: Episode 1 – The Icon

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