30 Bold Red Web Designs

If the main goal of your next design is to get people excited, it could be time to pull out the red. It’s the color of excitement and adrenaline, and studies have shown that people surrounded by the color often find their heart beating faster, and on occasion even feel a little out of breath. Red even stimulates the appetite, a fact that fast food chains like Burger King and McDonald’s use to their advantage.

But for the same reasons red is great for drawing attention and generating excitement, it can be hard to pull of designs that use the color in copious amounts. That said, it can certainly be done. Check out these thirty bold, red web designs to see how designers have tackled the problem before and succeeded.


Reveal Reel

Erskine Design


Movies Now


RMI Move

Coalmarch Productions

Restaurant Nuevo Aurich


Simon Wiffen

Raka Creative

Rotondo Pizzeria

Dark Crimson


Logo Heroes


ArtWorks by Dan Friml

Stampede Design

Red Relevant

Struck Axiom


Project 1000


Truf Creative

Jon Wallace Design


Taami Berry

Steven Wittens

Take The Walk

Do you prefer the sites that have used red as an accent color, or find that those designers who used large slabs of red pulled it off well? We think these designs are all pretty good, but your tolerance for excitement and design sensibilities may put you on one side of the fence or another. Without checking the academic literature, we’d say there’s a good chance that people who are extroverted and boisterous will be attracted to the bolder red sites while people who find themselves prone to anxiety and the like might shy away from those. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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30 Bold Red Web Designs

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