10 Most Fun and Inspiring YouTube Channels

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Creative people around the world are now sharing their art and ideas with videos on the Internet via YouTube. The next time you need some inspiration, or just a pick-me-up, check out these YouTube channels. Some of them may even make you laugh, which is a good thing.

1. Venetian Princess

Venetian Princess started her channel of celebrity parodies – which she is very good at – in 2007 and now has over 960,000 subscribers.

2. Phil in the Circle

Phil Harris is an artist who creates with tools like a paint dribbling tricycle. His images will make you wonder “how the heck did he do that?” Phil in the Circle started in 2006 and has almost 14,000,000 views.

3. Josh Sundquist

Josh Sundquist lost a leg to cancer at age nine and makes videos sharing his experiences and thoughts both as an amputee and as a normal teenager in an inspiring and humorous way. As his song says, “life is good because I still got three.”

4. 2 Create a Website

Lisa Irby’s “2 Create a Website“ channel shows you how to set up a website to make money. Instead of advocating the “get rich quick” mentality, the videos offer advice about the realities of generating an income online. Her channel started in 2006 and boasts just over 5.5 million upload views.

5. Mystery Guitar Man

Though this guy is a talented musician, it’s his video filming and editing skills that make for some very entertaining vids. Be sure to check out “Robot Dubstep” and “Portal” for some great examples of his talent. Mystery Guitar Man’s channel started in 2006 and now has almost 239,000,000 video uploads.

6. Machinima

Machinima artists use graphics from video games to create original videos. There are thousands of examples on YouTube and this channel “Bronco TV” has almost four million uploads.

7. The 30-Second Bunnies Theatre

Enact a movie in 30 seconds with cartoon bunnies and you have an entertaining YouTube channel that just hit a billion page views. Jennifer Shirman has created a library of 60 movie shorts including titles like Casablanca, Alien, Back to the Future and Harry Potter.

8. Exercise Methode Naturelle

This channel shows you how to exercise by going outside and using whatever is available like trees, fence posts and rocks. Creator Tom Greenwald may not have the biggest YouTube Channel with 114,963 uploaded views, but it just might inspire you to go out and play again.

9. Living in Tokyo

Kevin Cooney is an American living in Tokyo and makes videos about what it’s like to live in Japan. His amusing observations from an American perspective are very different from what you’d get from professional travel documentaries. This popular channel has just over 5.5 million upload views.

10. Cyriak

Cyriak Harris is a freelance animator who creates his inspiring videos using software such as Photoshop and After Effects. This channel has almost 34 million uploads.

Visit these YouTube channels to be inspired by what other people are creating and then go on to create some inspiration of your own.

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10 Most Fun and Inspiring YouTube Channels

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