10 Blogs for Infographic Inspiration

When discussing the most positive forms of potential viral content, what comes to mind? Chances are, one of the first thoughts in your head was infographics. Well established focal points for those wishing to provide easily sharable content, there is no limit to the potential for visibility that infographics provide you.

Realizing this, new programs have been released in the last few years to help you create, distribute or find visual graphics. There are also plenty of places to find inspiration to help you to create your own.

Here are 10 places you can go on the web to see some great visual graphics to help inspire you to make your own.

1. Information is Beautiful

This website is dedicated to showing visualized posts about concepts, ideas, information and common issues in today’s world. They also provide examples of infographics found in real life, which are always rather entertaining. The frequency of posts is sporadic, with new ones every few weeks to daily, but they are worth subscribing to.

2. Ivan Cash

An artist, designer and art director, you can see some fantastic work that are both personal and commercial on his official website. One section is dedicated entirely to visual data, all of which has a rather retro feel to it. Another cool section to check out is the remixed iPad ads.

3. Simple Complexity

Often in maintenance mode, it might seem like this site isn’t worth checking out. But if you manage to catch them when they are up, they have a lot of fantastic examples of infographics that are really worth seeing.

4. One Extra Pixel

One Extra Pixel is a website that caters to a great deal of design topics, but they created an amazing infographics resource that acts as a complete guide to making one. They give you a history of the format, tips on best generating an effective style, websites that give examples, tools for making your own and more.

5. Well Formed Data

Usually presenting more technical or official styles of visual data, this blog boasts only the best that they can find. They also have some that you might not have seen before, which is a definite plus. If you are interested in more productive and corporate minded designs, you will really like this site.

6. DataVis

A really cool Tumblr account, you can find page after page of interesting and informative visual data. The only problem is that this is a very addictive page. Most of the infographics provided are in depth, and you might not be able to stop yourself from reading them. It is a serious time killer.

7. Data Visualization

Dedicated to bringing you the latest news and information on the topic of visual data, this is a great website with a ton of regular content updates. From business news to political infographics, they provide it all with the sole context of showing you what is new with data visualization. It is nicely focused, without a lot of fluff.

8. Good Infographics

This is a sub section of the GOOD website. They have a huge number of graphic data featured as an extended gallery, and they don’t tend to stick to one topic. Education, lifestyle and news are their main categories, though they occasionally have random genres like cities and business.

9. This Is Indexed

These simply drawn graphs cover any number of topics found in real life. Cute observations about things such as dancing, playing, attraction and more with amusing or thoughtful results. They are published weekdays and well worth a subscription.

10. Infographics News

Funny enough, there isn’t a whole lot of consistent news when it comes to infographics. This blog also contains curiosities, amusing examples and events related to visual data. They aren’t consistent with updates, sometimes going a few weeks without a post, but they always have something good when they publish.


Do you want some inspiration for creating your own dynamic, informative infographics? Then check out these 10 sites and you will be sure to come back from it with dozens of ideas, tips and tricks to use.

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10 Blogs for Infographic Inspiration

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